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Thanks to our pioneering technology, HFF protein’s agricultural biostimulant allows crops to absorb the high quality aminoacids present in poultry feathers.

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In the face of significant agricultural challenges such as climate change, soil degradation, and the increasing demand for more sustainable food, we introduce HFF protein biostimulant, an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for promoting healthier and more productive crops.

The HFF Protein biostimulant enhances the vigor, resistance, and yield of plants by influencing their biological processes. Unlike traditional fertilizers that directly nourish plants, biostimulants enhance natural defenses and plant growth, making them more resistant to stressful conditions such as droughts, extreme heat, or saline soils.

Advantages of the agricultural biostimulant HFF protein

Thanks to our patented technology, we have developed biostimulants that act on plant hormones, essential for plant growth. Our products accelerate germination, strengthen roots, and enhance flowering and fruit production.

Furthermore, agricultural biostimulants are beneficial for the environment because by strengthening plants, they reduce the need for pesticides and harmful chemicals, thereby decreasing soil and water pollution and resulting in cleaner and safer food.

In summary, in a world that seeks sustainability and efficiency, biostimulants are essential for farmers who want to overcome environmental challenges, improve their lands, and the quality of their crops. They are key to a greener and more prosperous agriculture.

Patented innovation

Revolutionary technology that boosts plant growth and health through rapid absorption of aminoacids. Innovation at the service of sustainable agriculture.

Sustainability and circular economy

Thanks to technology and innovation, we were able to transform a poultry industry by-product rich in amino acids, such as feathers, into the agricultural biostimulant HFF protein, thus reusing existing resources and promoting the circular economy.

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